The Ocean.

We have shared many indigo nights. The ocean and I. The tides influence both of us, we keep pulling each other towards ourselves. the wind keeps hitting hard and my eye starts tearing up. It’s just the way my body pays back love. I lay beside the ocean and the sand keeps wrestling with my subconscious, sampling all the mysterious noises from the ocean deep enough to make my senses subside and cells bloom. Ocean’s heartbeat, the waves hit me time and again and with every wave the ocean takes away a part of me but what i do know is with every other wave it gives me something better. And I think this is how everyone should love.
Give them a part of yourself and they will give you better!


Look up

A night. When i look up i see the stars, some twinkling, some just there.they are all beautiful. So beautiful. But i can also sense that they are destroyed pieces from our galaxy made of dust. Also that they may die, may collapse any minute. But they dont hold back from lighting up our sky. And maybe everyone admires the stars for the same reason.
I let my mind trace back to ground again. What if we are the stars in some one’s sky. What if they admire us like we admire the stars. What if we were their light, their twinkle! Though they know we are not forever. The thought brings joy. I realise, now, why man looks up at stars!
Associate yourself with your people! Shine for them! Be more!